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The Poetics of the C.V

By David Zhang, Delivery Consultant, MCG&Co Jobseekers expect their C.V. to be the golden key to their search; yet, many do not carefully construct and polish up this document. I felt strange writing this post, giving advice to an audience of highly-talented job-seekers and hiring managers. I want to highlight that I got my current […]

The Communication Problem in the Communications Industry

By Surekha Ragavan, Campaign Asia Handling multiple time-sensitive accounts at once is a tricky feat for PR agencies, and can often lead to communication breakdowns. But do in-house teams feel that they’re at the brunt of this problem? At a recent panel by PRCA Southeast Asia in Singapore, three brand heads and one agency head […]

How important is your job title in Asia?

By Prospect‘s Asia Pacific Team There is no denying that job titles are important the world over. As human beings, what we do forms a huge part of our identity, self-worth and, centuries ago, even our surnames. Fast forward to the twenty first century and little has changed, particularly within the Asian market. The culture […]

Life On The Other Side…

By Marlené Brewis, Consultant, MCG&Co Creative & Digital As fancy as some may find the word Expat, it rolls off one’s tongue easier than the lifestyle projects. It’s bloody hardcore! Anyone who has mastered the skill of this lifestyle deserves a Cannes award, or maybe, just a pat on the back will do… Being an […]

Write right: How erors is reely kiling you’re credabilty

By John O’Callaghan, JOC Comms   Reading the comments section of online news stories and social media posts, I wince and shrug when people confuse “your” and “you’re”, leave out the apostrophe in “haven’t” or use creative phonetic spellings such as “incompatance”. But I really get incensed when I see very basic errors in spelling, […]

Influencers – the turning point: Five reasons why micro-influencers are the future of social media marketing

Pippa Brindley, Director of leading boutique and specialist PR firm, VIM & VIGOUR PR, discusses how Instagram presents new opportunities for communications professionals to leverage their micro-networks. An influencer is defined as someone that inspires you to think in a way that you wouldn’t usually think, or act in a way that you wouldn’t usually […]

Social Media and Critical Digital Literacy in India’s General Elections

by Anuradha Rao The recently-held Indian general elections highlighted the crucial need for critical digital literacy as a key tool to fight fake news and uphold election integrity in a social media-saturated environment. In a commentary published for the National University of Singapore’s Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), Dr. Anuradha Rao has noted that […]

Tips For Thai Companies On Engaging An Audience In Vietnam

With recent major inroads by SCC, Nawaplastic Industries, and TCC Holdings, Thai companies continue to ride a wave of investment in Vietnam by expanding sales of Thai products and mergers and acquisitions of Vietnamese companies. However, they may find some surprises among the Vietnamese market. Here are a few things Thai businesses should know about […]

How To Handle A Crisis Scenario, According To Vietnamese PR Experts

As part of her doctoral dissertation, EloQ’s Managing Director – Clāra Ly-Le – interviewed several public relations experts in Vietnam on the subject of crisis communication. Clāra’s work focuses on social media, but the insights expressed by experts were often applicable regardless of the medium. What follows are some of the most worthwhile pieces of […]

Building your Confidence, Assertiveness&Influence

By Emanuela Giangregorio MPRCA Communications professionals are expected to model great interpersonal skills.  We are not all naturally confident and assertive, and often find it difficult to say “no” or get others on board with our ideas.   The good news is that these skills are all learnable through awareness and practice.   No matter where you […]

The Potential of Podcasts in Vietnam

In April last year, Google tweaked their search algorithms so that podcasts – internet-based talk shows – now appear alongside text, image, and video results. If the message wasn’t already clear, it should be: podcasts are big, and more international brands are taking advantage of their rise to expand their reach. With podcast ad spending […]

AI & PR – A Future to Embrace, Not to Fear

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Managing Presentation Anxiety

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Five Tips to Keep a Chaotic Project on Track

Out in Town – Proving the Value of Communications

  The Public Relations and Communications Association SEA (PRCA SEA) hosted its first event – a measurement conference – in Southeast Asia, in conjunction with AMEC Measurement Month. Industry experts shared their expertise and experience relating to the relevance of current measurement standards, the changing mindsets of the industry and the importance of understanding the […]

The use of Social Media Influencers in Singapore

Social Media Influencers have attracted more attention than ever over the past 12 months. On the one hand their popularity is becoming more widely acknowledged, especially after events such as the boxing match between KSI and Joe Weller (which has drawn an audience of around 20 million viewers both live and after the event). On […]