About Suhani

Strategic Communications Officer at Midas PR

Specialities: crisis communications, communications strategies, identifying risks, and recovery plans.

As a Strategic Communications Officer she introduced a 24/7 crisis consulting service pack for Midas’s clients, which made the agency the only PR agency offering 24/7 support to clients in Thailand. A natural team leader she has handled crisis communications for brands like foodpanda, Cigna, and one of Thailand’s biggest restaurant chains.

Suhani is keen to contribute her knowledge and expertise to the group, and at the same time learn new skills and techniques from them. Suhani believes that the group will be an untapped source of talent and in the coming years, these professionals will become the leading experts who will transform the industry and take it to the next level.

She says: “This group can become a platform for individuals to share their struggles and find a solution collectively whether for business or personal growth. My goal is for this group to be the pillar and a resource for graduates who need support in dealing with the challenging world of PR.”

Suhani holds a MA in Corporate Communication from Bournemouth University, England and is fluent in English and Hindi. She can be found at @sugandhabhanda1