Senior Account Executive

Location: Singapore

Our reputation often rests in your hands. You are essential to our survival, our pillar of support without whom we may not stay standing for too long. You are also our eyes and ears on the ground – well-connected, and more often than not, possibly the most influential when dealing with our outreach partners, e.g. like members of the media.

Having said that, we also recognise that you are very new to the industry and as such, are like a sponge, absorbing knowledge, skills and ‘the ways’ from your leaders, peers and clients. We also recognise that this is possibly the most important phase of your career – when you either make it or break it.

Your key responsibilities include:

Public Relations Skills

  • Being capable of writing media materials (press releases, company backgrounders, spokesperson biographies, media invitations, etc.)
  • Writing and pitching stories, interactions and engagements to key media personnel
  • Having a working understanding of new media and its potential
  • Being capable of handling logistics and organising events (including sourcing of suppliers, venue identification and coordination of personnel) with minimal supervision

Market Knowledge

  • Conducting regular qualitative and quantitative research, including the design and development of surveys / questionnaires, complimented by knowledge of research resources
  • Having working knowledge of the clients’ industry, key players, the challenges and opportunities for their business
  • Being knowledgeable about the communications industry, its key players and our competition
  • Staying updated on industry and market trends, feeding learnings and key take-aways into overall client and Company strategy, when required

Account Management

  • Engaging in regular interactions with the clients
  • Responding to their queries and deliverables
  • Supporting the team where required to ensure the smooth delivery of tasks
  • Coordinating and recording of regular work-in-progress meetings both internally and with the client to ensure efficient client delivery
  • Maintaining a database of media contacts, editorial calendars, conference calendars and other relevant resources on a regular basis for the team and each client

 Accountability & Reporting

  • Organising and delivering on tasks as agreed with your team members
  • Managing the media (and social media) monitoring process – ongoing compilation of relevant media coverage on the client, its business, the competition and the industry
  • Diligently completing client reports on time, in accordance to prescribed formats and timelines

Influencer Relations

  • Having a good understanding of the local media landscape on a whole, with insights on key players, specialist media and the people that matter
  • Being well-connected with Tier 1 and 2 media relevant to your clients’ business
  • Taking interest and having an understanding of key influencers (relevant to the practice or clients’ business) in the South East Asian region


  • You should have at least three years of experience in Public Relations or a related communications experience
  • You hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • You have good presentation skills, are confident in your approach and possess excellent communication and people skills
  • You have strong research skills and thorough in your approach
  • You are able to cope well under pressure
  • You have a positive attitude, are keen to learn

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