Out in Town – Proving the Value of Communications


The Public Relations and Communications Association SEA (PRCA SEA) hosted its first event – a measurement conference – in Southeast Asia, in conjunction with AMEC Measurement Month. Industry experts shared their expertise and experience relating to the relevance of current measurement standards, the changing mindsets of the industry and the importance of understanding the value of PR.

Key takeaways:
• To keep up with today’s changing landscape, PR agencies must constantly educate clients about the value of PR and to look beyond just the dollar value for the industry to move forward.
• The traditional AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency) measurement model is passé. The general observation is that Asian companies and c-suites are gradually shifting away from this model but it’s still a key indicator for some companies.
• Being data smart is the way to go for PR to get a seat at the top table. PR pros must break down the stats and present real business impact and results of the PR / comms programme to non-PR management.
• Measurement is and should not be one size fits all approach; especially with the rise of multi-channel campaigns, each component should not be evaluated in silos.
• It’s crucial to make measurement a fundamental component in every campaign and should be clearly defined alongside the campaign’s objectives right at the beginning.

The ICCO’s World PR Report 2018 was also launched at the event. Request for a copy of the report here. For more information on the PRCA (SEA), get in touch with Tara Munis.