Eloq Communications Introduces Express Press Release Service, with Distribution to Southeast Asia Countries and Beyond

EloQ Communications announced its new express press release distribution services. The service covers distribution to not only Vietnam but also other Southeast Asia markets and more.

“We believe all businesses are different. Our clientele consists of companies from all corners of the world, with some being among Forbes 500 brands and others being smaller businesses, each with unique needs. Our new service is customized for clients with different objectives, budget ranges or expected deliverables. With this, we’re growing beyond the ‘one size fits all’ mentality and learn to understand and respond appropriately to the preferences of clients,” said Dr. Clāra Ly-Le, Managing Director of EloQ Communications.

The new service includes three customized packages. Package A is the traditional distribution package, directly and personally delivers the press release to the desktops of journalists at hundreds of traditional media platforms in the markets of choice across Southeast Asia. The press release can be localized to meet the local media standards and interests. Package B is newswire distribution, delivers the press release to verified emails for journalists and media outlets. EloQ guarantees a minimum number of pick-ups in the target country market, in addition to hundreds of international pick-ups from the media partners. Package C is designed specifically for SEO purpose, where EloQ submits the press release to the diverse blogosphere and syndicated news sites worldwide, allowing the release to get more visibility and the target website to gain a valuable SEO boost.

The express press release service can be accessed at https://www.eloqasia.com/press.html. Companies only need to fill in a short contact form and EloQ will reply to the inquiry within 24 hours.

Further information can be found on our service announcement.