It is our pleasure to invite you to be part of the inaugural PRCA SEA Awards 2019, honouring the year’s most effective and creative PR and communications campaigns, individuals, and teams across the Southeast Asia region.

Winning a PRCA SEA Award is not only a regional achievement but also demonstrates achievements across the globe with our links to PRCA UK and to PRCA MENA.

In this document you will find resources to help you complete your award entry, making it as efficient as possible.

For a full description of all the categories, please click here.

Entry Costs

270 SGD – Members

360 SGD – Non Members

One you have paid, please fill out the entry form and send the form along with all the entry documents to


Deadline for submissions

28th January, 2019

Judging of Awards

28th January, 2019 – 4th February, 2019

Shortlist announced

11th February, 2019

Awards Night

19th March, 2019


Who can enter?

The PRCA SEA Awards are open to all parties involved in the use of PR for communications purposes, PR consultancies, freelancers, in-house communications departments, digital agencies, and media owners.

How many Awards can you enter?

Organisations can submit multiple entries for all of the categories.

Campaign Eligibility

The campaign submitted must have been started or completed in the Southeast Asia Region by 01 September 2017  and 30 September 2018.

Who can submit?

Companies or individuals may submit entries on behalf of themselves or others


It is the entrant’s responsibility to seek and ensure permission has been granted for the right to use intellectual property of the brand or client entered

Right to Refuse 

The organisers can refuse entries which may offend or bring PRCA SEA or the industry into disrepute.

Reasons for Disqualification

  • If the campaign was not developed in the region or delivered by an individual or team based in the region
  • If the campaign is not within the allocated time frames
  • Missed the submission deadline
  • Campaign is breaking the law, or is inappropriate


Please make sure that your submission complies with the following conditions:

  • Maximum 1,000 words – minimum font size 10.
  • Maximum size of entry, two sides of A4.
  • All entries are required to have a 200 word entry summary. This is not counted in your 1000 word entry
  • Optional supporting materials in the form of data, cuttings, testimonies, info-graphics, pictures or video content will be accepted – maximum of two sides of A4. The supporting documents are not mandatory but will support the judging panel to get a better idea of the campaign submitted and the results. If these are submitted in a PowerPoint it must be no more than 10 slides.
  • All entries must relate to the time frame 01 September 2017  to 30 September 2018.
  • The same campaign can be submitted for as many categories as you wish, but should be adjusted to suit the entry criteria.
  • Entries must be submitted in a word document or PDF format.
  • Please Note: To ensure objective judging based on content, entries for Team Awards (Consultancy of the Year, In-house Team of the Year), must not include any branding or mention of company name
  • Where the campaign was undertaken in conjunction with a third party please provide details.
  • It is the entrants’ responsibility to seek and ensure permission has been granted for the right to use the intellectual property of the brand or client entered.
  • There will be a Consultancy winner and an In-house winner for each of the Campaign Categories
  • The Southeast Asia Campaign of the Year winner will be chosen from the list of Campaign Category winners
  • The entry fee of 270 SGD or 360 SGD must be paid at the time of submission. Once you have paid for your entry, please send your entry, entry form and all supporting materials to
  • The Judges’ decision is final.
  • Each entry should be saved with the company name and award category.

Feedback on Entries

Due to the volume of entries and demands on judges’ time, we are unable to guarantee feedback on entries. Where you would like feedback, please let us know, and if we are able to provide it, we will do so.

Tips for successful completion of your PRCA SEA Award Entry  

  • Select the award categories you wish to enter online at
  • Show a clear and concise strategy & research overview
  • Execution and originality is key
  • Documented results and evaluation should be included
  • Meet the entry deadlines!

Reasons to get lower scores

  • Not demonstrating results
  • Only showing the creative aspects
  • Not demonstrating a strategic rationale to support campaigns or activities undertaken


Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
• Entries in the Campaign Categories should demonstrate; strategy and research; execution;
creativity; originality; and evaluation.
• Entries in the Team/Consultancy Categories, judges will mark your entry on the following
criteria; clients; staff; financial; and innovation:
▪ Clients: retention, growth and performance
▪ Staff: retention, approach and diversity
▪ Financial: performance, growth, acquisitions must be disclosed
▪ Innovation: for example, investment in infrastructure, new client products, new approach to staffing
• In the Individual Categories, judges will mark your entry on the following criteria; leadership; initiative; performance and contribution; colleague/client references.

How your entry will be judged

All entries will be judged by an international judging panel of both in house and agency PR and communications professionals that have worked in the Southeast Asia region at some point during their careers.

If a judge has worked with or has an allegiance with an individual submitting an entry or worked on the campaign, they will be exempt from judging that category.

Judges will be looking for a clear strategy and research, execution, originality, and documented results and evaluation.

Who sees your entry? 

Only the PRCA SEA Awards judges and the events team will see your entries. All judges will sign an NDA prior to receiving your entries.

How are shortlists selected?

Judges review entries remotely. They each have their own secure login, showing only entries that they have been assigned.

The shortlist will be announced on 11th February, 2019

How are winners selected?

Scoring will all be conducted online without any reference to other judges scores and based solely on the submission of the entrant. This will ensure the scores are unbiased and judges are not swayed by the opinions of other panel members. Each entry will be scored by at least 4 judges in total. The organisers will collate the individual scores and use the average marks given to initially decide the finalists and ultimately to determine the award winners.

How we avoid bias

Organisations participating in the judging process are encouraged to enter the awards but will excuse themselves from any discussion involving an organisation, individual, or campaign in which they have an interest.

Who’s in charge? 

The Jury President’s decision is final.

Sensitive Information

The organisers reserve the right to publish submissions from the winners and shortlisted entrants. Where certain information is sensitive, such as budget figures, please mark ‘not for publication’.


For any questions or queries regarding the awards, please contact