Account Manager/Senior Account Manager

Location: Singapore

You are the captain of our ship. You are the person responsible for building a sustainable business strategy for the practices. To ensure profitability, and yet identify business opportunities that are enjoyable and resume worthy.

You are responsible for developing a team that is happy, rewarded and performing at its best. To be the person that everybody loves working with. You embody the RICE values, especially that of ‘enterprise’. Because you build capital through risk and initiative, while accepting full responsibility for the outcome of what you do (and what you do not do).

You ensure that the work output reflects positively on the brand that is RICE.

As an Account Manager/ Senior Account Manager with RICE, your key responsibilities include:

Practice Profitability

  • Ensuring that a sound business strategy is in place for sustained profitability – with a good understanding of client and competitor businesses
  • Keeping a check on levels on servicing, with the intention to reduce over-servicing without compromising on client satisfaction
  • Making a call on fee adjustments, team changes and revisions to scope of work, when required – and having those difficult conversations, where required

New Business Acquisition

  • Managing annual revenue targets
  • Seeking new areas of potential business development
  • Identifying new business leads within existing market potential
  • Developing the right tools and team required to win new business

Team Development

  • Identifying, hiring and retaining talent that match the needs of the organisation and our clients – to achieve as low as possible a turnover rate within the practice
  • Ensuring that all talents are optimised, rewarded and lead a balanced life in the office
  • Seeking to continually strengthen team skill sets, knowledge and connectivity so as to enable them to work more effectively and efficiently

Client Management

  • Ensuring that the client is receiving value for the investment they are making with RICE
  • Providing ongoing strategic counsel to the client when and where required
  • Being the key point of contact for all matters related to issues and crises management

Company Champion and Market & Industry Connectivity

  • Championing RICE in places where it matters
  • Being seen in the right places, at the right time
  • Attending industry events, with the intention to network and increase connectivity for increased productivity and efficiencies


  • At least four to six years of experience in the Communications industry, including on the agency-side – technology, corporate, or consumer preferred
  • Passion for communications, with a sound understanding of the various disciplines, but with an expertise in Public Relations
  • Well-versed with the building blocks of Public Relations and have proven to be a trusted consultant in your previous role
  • Must be comfortable with technology, corporate and digital media communications, working with brands and agency partners
  • A proven track-record in problem-solving, managing teams and have strong interpersonal skills
  • Have managed Pan-Asian campaigns and are familiar with the nuances in various markets in the region
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Have a good understanding of consultant billing systems, budget and team forecasting, team development and other growth processes
  • Have the experience in developing and conducting training and development modules across the organisation
  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field